Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Do... or die!! (evil face)

These are for a little game called "you will be murdered unless..." (i made it up! i think) so someone asks one of these dares and the other has to do it or they...
wait for it!
wait for it!
have to...
(I am evil I know.)
here are the dares!
- act out your dramatic death scene
- sing "let it go" mwahahahaaa!!
- slap yourself
- act out a game scene with your fingers
- act out a movie scene with your fingers
- go crazy
- say a fact about your life that nobody wants to know
- talk about a disaster that happened when you miss timed your throw...
- do a youtuber impression
- pull a weird shocked face
- look evil
- sing a t.v shows theme song
- quote something from a movie/game/book
- pretend to be a cat
- what was something you believed in when you were young?
-pretend to find a cold chip
- you got 900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 subscribers on youtube!!! (pull a face)
- look stupid
- pretend to be a t.v show host
- you got verified on Instagram! (dance around)
- pretend to cry
- do a stupid dance
- sing "if you happy and you know it"
- pull a confused face
- pretend to be a dog
- say a sentence that involves the word "skull"
- act out your quote
- be a fidget spinner (what the heck?!)
- say something to try and scare the questioner
-pretend to lose your memory
- be a bird
- talk about a youtube video that you watched, then regretted
- your in an ad
- dance
- cartwheel
-ride an invisible horse
- cringe
-  say something embarrassing
- confess something
Enjoy! mwahahaha!! by the way, you can share a video or something of you doing this to youtube or whatever. I would like to see how it goes! ;)

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