Sunday, 26 March 2017

Evil dares!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😼

I have a list of evil dares to use when playing truth or dare!!! Also a guide to making your own.
Enjoy!! >:)
1. Call your best friend and tell her how to play chess.
2. Do a boogie on the bed (I have been dared to do this)
3. Do 10 push ups (as with this)
4. Call your girlfriend (If you are a girl) and admit you are in love with her.
5. Do a crazy grin at the next adult you see.
6. Let the person on your left do your hair and you must keep it like that all night.
7. Give everybody a description and a rating out of 10 about there noses.
8. Do a bellyflop on the bed.
9. Say that you hate the thing you love the most and don't talk about it for the rest of the night. (I love this!!!)
10. Ask somebody recite the stupidest quote they have ever heard and act out the scene.
And now how to make them!
remember this:
Daring Awesome Rad Evil
A pinch of evil...


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