Thursday, 16 February 2017

Be a room cleaning rebel!

I HATE TO CLEAN MY ROOM! Do you? YES! YOU DO!!!!! Ah, but I have excuses as my ally. Avoid chores with THEASE babies!!! 😼

1. WOAH! Your on fire! I'll get some water. (runs away)
2. FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE! (picks up piece of paper. acts like its to heavy)
3. My room is an artwork! Any second now some rich lady is going to buy it!  SO DO NOT TOUCH!
4. How could you say that?! (pats mess) Don't worry, Trashy! I won't clean you!
5. But I only just leant how to swim!
6. But there are spies living in there!
7. LOOK! A walrus!! (runs away)
8. Jaynie? Who's Jaynie?
9. But Dr. Smecko swore to kill me if i did!
10. With this FACE? (puppy eyes)

If that does not work, PUT THE MESS TO GOOD USE! HIDE!!!!


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