Thursday, 26 January 2017

The author within

Many of us are authors. We just do not do it! As Emily says in trailblazer (trailblazer media) Inspiration is a personal thing. It's true! Write about your experiences! Not a writer? Wrong! Draw a comic! Make a movie! Listen up, IT'S ALL WRITING! EVERY SINGLE WORD/PANEL/SCENE!!!!!!!! 🙀 Now go write a story! Now, I have a challenge! Before the 1st of march, rewrite up this story and edit it! Example: I went to the shops. BORING! Then: I went to the shops, and it was full of ninja's! TELL ME MORE! Winner will get their story published on hit and miss! Say your name and tell the story! Make sure one of us says, "Now THAT was a drama!" somewhere in the story! Here it is:

One day me, Crazy, Emily, Ash, Creeper and Hermione went to the shops. Then we saw a new pencil shop. We said, "Cool!" and went in. Then we saw it... A pencil that draws in red and yellow at the same time! We bought it after paying an arm and a leg. Then we went to the park and drew.

Are you ready? 3... 2... 1... GO!

Good luck!

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