Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Emily and Jaynie's blog discussion

Me, Jaynie, and her, Emily (from trailblazer media) will tell you, what ever your name is, how to make a blogger blog like me!

Q. When did we start our blogs?
E: Hey readers!!!  I have wanted to start a blog for quite a long time, but didn't begin until about November 2016 (last year, that is).
J: I have wanted to for AGES but I just started today! this is one of my first few posts! (26 jan 2017)

Q. Is it hard to make a blogger blog?
E: Absolutely not!!!  I have tried a couple popular website creators, but for me, Blogger worked best. Firstly, because I don't spend much time on the computer each day, and for, some one with limited expertise, I just didn't have enough time.  Blogger was so simple-you could be on the World Wide Web in under an hour.  The instructions were very straightforward to follow, and it took basically no time at all for me to get familiar with my pages.  I think that it's best to pick website creators based on your level of tech no-how.  You can always close down a website if it's not good enough.
J: No! And every piece of technology I touch EXPLODES!

Q. How do you make it?
E:  As I mentioned before, I used Blogger, and you can basically set up a website with no human help at all.  The instructions are very simple.
J:EASY PEASY! Go to press "create blog" Done!
Q. What common mistakes have you encountered?
E: I really can't say yet-I mean, the whole experience is pretty new to me, but when I do I'll be sure to put it in the Comments section below.
J:Well, the blog won't post unless you post on it. But you can do that anytime.

Q. Got any tips?
E:  Be bold.  Stay positive!!!  Get plenty of feedback...from people of different ages.  But most of all...have awesome fun!!!
J: Be YOU! if not i will hunt you down and... tell you that you blog is terrible! πŸ™€

J: The end and thank you Em!

E:  Thank YOU for having me!!!  I hope that was helpful.  Bye all!!!  πŸ˜ƒ

p.s. If YOU need help, post a comment on hit and miss or trailblazer media.

-JC and EB


  1. well done jaynie!!! eagerly awaiting your next post :) trailblazer media

    1. and i also have 2 new reviews on my site-alone yet not alone movie and swipe book...feel free to comment. trailblazer

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